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Millbrook vWendron

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Guest Macho Man

I am delighted for Gary and Mike. Very well deserved. I have been slighted niggled by everyone who has regurgitated that the team are poor. They have a long way too go but as the players are now happy with the current appointment and I kow they will fight to get themselves out of the religation zone. Too many poeple who have know idea what has been going on at the club and on match days would do well to reel their necks in!!!! GOOD LUCK WENDRON. :yahoo::thumbsup: :P

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lol wel said mate! was always going to be tough this season, last year was our first season in the south western league, we did well to be fair, although it put our players in the shop window and that meant that we lost 8 out of our 11 players pre season to other clubs that offered them money! so it meant a total rebuild, with no money to offer, so was going to always be a huge challenge this season but one we will rise to the best we can!

i did put our case over in another post on here about the manager quits situation, hope u find my responce was apropriate!

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Guest Macho Man

Great Post Jamo and you are right about the lads at Wendron. They are a great bunch and always support each other on and off the pitch. A rare quality in these days of money chasing and moving from team to team. Cant wait to talk to Mike and Gary and see their smiley faces. I feel a beer at the club coming on. Too far away to get there sadly so will have to wait until christmas. Hope they continue to keep there head above water.


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Guest pitch invader

Well done lads espcially the boys that came up and prooved and said LOOK AT ME TODAY as we did.

gonna have 2 eat my words, but lots of great boys in all the teams just have a look WELL DONE GARY

Still not gonna be easy but a good start

:drink::drink: :drink:

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what was the wendron team and line up?

hopefully the 'dron can build on this and get out of the relegation battle. Gary and Newbs know the club and i believe they are the right choice at this moment, best of luck to them. stick with it boys.

see you at christmas


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wendron line up:

gk-brian (scoffy)

rb-jason (barbs)

cb-dean (blatchy)

cb-matt (duno his surname, came up from seconds)


rm-eddie (spaghetti) timmons

cm-justin (monkey)

cm-steve (hodgey)

lm-kyle ( returned from injury, promoted from 2nds i think)

cf-paul weaver

cf-marcus (smithy)

goals-hodgey with a belter from 90yrds!!!! :yahoo: only jokin bout 20yrds and smithy put clean through by a fantastic through ball by the millbrook midfield

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Well done lads Im really pleased at the result. As I said before great bunch of lads whom I am sure will be okay. I think this topic should be laid to rest now and let Wendron and myself move on with what we have to do.


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