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MORGAN the Animal

Guest Chris B

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Guest Helston Patriot

I can't believe this hasn't been mentioned yet???

Did anyone see the elbow? Disgrace! Only now left hospital after having brain surgery. Animal should be banned. If anyone can put a YOUTUBE link on this as i havent got the access

The Football Association has confirmed it may still take action over Sheffield United captain Chris Morgan's challenge on Barnsley striker Iain Hume.

An FA spokesman told BBC Radio Sheffield it is expecting to receive more evidence from Barnsley.

"We've been told by Barnsley that we will receive further evidence and that will be reviewed, before making any final decision on this case," he said.

Barnsley have also confirmed they will meet on Monday to discuss legal action.

Reds boss Simon Davey confirmed the club will discuss the matter with their lawyers and with Hume's representatives before they decide whether to take legal action.

Morgan received a booking from match referee Andy D'Urso for the challenge and as he has already dealt with the incident it is unlikely the FA will take any further action.

But the FA can assess the situation as an exceptional case, as they did when Manchester City's Ben Thatcher was charged with serious foul play for elbowing Portsmouth's Pedro Mendes in 2006.

Thatcher received a yellow card during the game, but was later handed an eight-game suspension.

The FA also revealed the Barnsley manager has been charged with improper conduct in relation to a separate incident in the same game.

A statement released on Thursday said: "The charge relates to Davey's conduct towards the assistant referee late in the second half.

"Davey was asked to leave the technical area after protesting against the award of a penalty to Sheffield United."

Davey has until 28 November to respond to the charge.

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Guest Peppermint

I may have perceived your posting wrong Thebignumber9 but I hope you are not advocating and condoning thuggery in football!

This was a totally unacceptable action by Morgan which left the Barnsley player fighting for his life - surely no right thinking person can support that.

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Guest football mad

I wonder how big number nine would feel if he were the one on the recieving end of what happen and was now lying in bed, you seem like a right plonker.

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I think one or two of you may have misunderstoon what the big number9 was trying to say??. I think he was not condoning what Morgan did, but was instead trying to point out that unlike the likes of Van Persie, who the other week just blatantly slammed into that keeper, Morgan can indeed dish it out BUT is also willing to take it back. Unlike so many other players out there who just cry or roll around like a dying fly.

By the way, that WAS NOT a pop at Arsenal, it was just the first example of such behaviour that I could think of..

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