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Give Blazey more time

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Every one must be wondering why Blazey have so far had a mixed season with some excellent results followed by some disasters. The new Manager was appointed quite late to the start of the season and at the end of last season, players and Manager had left en-block to go to St Austell.

Any new Manager has to stamp his authority and method of play, however, with the appointment being so near to the start of the season, most of the very good established players had already signed or stayed on with other clubs. The first task was to make sure that Blazey could start the season by fielding eleven players. In the first dozen or so games Mr Oaten has looked at a number of players, some of which, for various reasons, have not been up to the mark, and these are no longer at the club.

With the league being nearly a third gone, finding an acceptable Tall Centre Half and Tall Centre forward etc will be even more difficult and results will probably continue to be erractic until that happens. On the plus side, even the Officials at the recent Ivybridge game acknowledged that for the first twenty minutes St Blazey had played the best attacking football they had seen from any club this season. So the talent is there.

We all know of Blazey's heroics in the past, but with money being more difficult, non availability of players, Mr Oaten has put together an excellent team of very young players. If the fans are understanding and patient they should realise that the team building this year will produce the high standards and consistency that they have seen in previous seasons. A mid table position or better for this season would be an excellent platform to go on from for next season.

The fans and club maybe frustrated but they have the platform to produce an even more exciting team

come the New Year. Any rash decisions at this stage would be a disaster for everyone.

Henry Hornet

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