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New Teams in CSWPL??

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According to BBC Sport website earlier today, their reports on Saturdays matches included Tailstock, Clapton Rangers, Withering (very apt), Misheard Athletic (great one that) and the mighty Trooping Athletic who won 7-1 at St.Blazey (most enjoyable to a St.Austell supporter after too many years in their horrible green shadow!). :yahoo:

Not sure if there is someone at the BBC just having a laugh, drunk or just not too sure of the teams, or towns come to that, in the region. However, given the lamentable state of Saturday football coverage (ie Truro, Truro or Truro) from BBC Radio Cornwall these days perhaps we shouldn't be surprised!

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Guest Magpie29

SWPL Results Friday, 7 November

Tailstock 2-2 Elberton Villa

Saturday, 8 November

Bodmin Town 3-0 Buckland Athletic

Cyst Rovers 1-3 Wade bridge Town

Clapton Rangers 2-5 Dartmouth

Falmouth Town 3-1 Newton Abbot Spurs

Launceston 1-3 Ivybridge Town

Misheard Athletic 1-2 Hols worthy

Plymouth Parkway 3-3 Withering

St Blaze 1-7 Trooping Athletic

Taken off the website as just to prove it is not a joke. Sums up our local football coverage unfortunately. I'm in agreement with you on this Tony. :SM_carton: :SM_carton:

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Guest Peppermint

Nothing surprises you with that organisation or should that be disorganisation. Pathetic and to think we are paying our licence fees to keep that lot going.

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its not just the radio either - BBC Spotlight and ITV Westcountry never give any publicity to the smaller clubs at all including results.....Unless its Plymouth, Exeter, Torquay or Yeovil and even Truro have only been mentioned when they won the Vase last year - can never understand this as other regional programmes that I have watched around the country even in big city areas give the minnows a mention and at least read out their scores - in some areas highlights are even shown of the smaller clubs in action.....this situation in the west country has gone on for years and yet look how successful some of our local sides have been.....fact is it is lucky the local press give such a good coverage plus participants on this site of course.......

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