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Vospers Manager?

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Pete Charlick is a legend, in my opinion he is the only manager in devon and cornwall that can turn the fortunes of vospers around. When he took over he inherited someone else's team so has had to make major steps in building the side that he wants and he can trust,

All the best to Pete Charlick and his vospers side for the remainder of the season, there's no doubt in my mind a run of good results is just around the corner.

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Guest The Old Man

I wish Pete Charlick all the very best in his quest to turnaround Vospers season. I agree he is very passionate about his football. :clapper:

However, he is by no means a legend in local football. I believe, he never played at any higher than P & D League, can't recall ever seeing his name in the headlines of a P&D report. Think he has only managed DJM League, (his Southway team were only successful at Intermediate level). So where does the legend come from?? :wacko:

Apologies if any of the above is incorrect.

Good luck to Pete and his young side nevertheless :smiley20:

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