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Guest wrealplayermanager

I found this a few days ago what do you think?

Feira, Portugal, August 25, 2008 (PressReleasePoint) -- RealPlayerManager.com is a new Web site that allows consumers to invest in professional soccer players, something that until now had been an exclusive hobby for multimillionaires.

Real Player Manager, Lda is the name of the Portuguese internet company behind the new concept. In RPM consumers simply buy the transfer rights of players, that they find particularly talented, and offer them in smaller portions, so that it's affordable for everyone.

The prices vary between 30 and 70 euro and so far the company's first resale made the users a 300 per cent profit when the Portuguese centre back António Fernando Alves was sold.

Real Player Manager cannot guarantee a profit, but should be viewed as a serious, entertaining and cheap alternative to sports betting, poker and stock trade. By mixing elements from the popular manager games with the real football world, it's the vision that football lovers across the world again will gain a real influence on the decision making process.

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