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Guest postman pat

whats that eclp he cant get in the team :P was he one of the players that sturruck said would be shipped out after the luton game <_<

who is going to score the goals for the mighty greens because seip cannot keep making chances on his own.how much longer will sturrock put up with fallon,for a big man he is usless in the air and average in front of goal.like most teams we desperately need a goalscorer :blink:

what amazes me more than anything is that sturrock has brought in all these youngsters and is still looking for a leader,why o why did he sell wotton,he is without doubt the best leader argyle have had for years.i think he could have been offered a short term contract with a view to an extension because of his injury.

what i do like is that he has bought some good youngsters into the club and as i have stated many times i think the youth set-up is second to none but!!! if and its a big if argyle are relegated will the club be able to afford to retain people like pejic.my own personnel view is that sturrock will come good but as he says we will have to lose some of the current squad if we are to improve as a side.

keep the faith we will need to be strong this season i think, come on you greens :c: :drink:

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I disagree about Wotton I felt he would never make it in championship football as Southampton will no doubt find out. But according to the Herald Easter approcahed Sturrock 10 days ago telling him of his domestic problems and asked to be put on the transfer list. He joine dArgyle in January and cost £210,000. They should easily get that back. It just shows the problem that Arygle have suffered for years. 1). players are to far away from the big city clubs who can scout them fairly easy and 2). the WAGS who don't want to stray to far from mum.

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