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Prediction League Table - Week 1 - 16th August 2008

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It's been a very mixed bag so far, with some of you missing out the FA Cup matches, some missing out the Saturday games completely. Although MARK C is out in front with 1 from 1, a better indicator is IAN and THE OLD MAN with 57.14%, which is not a bad percentage if you can keep it up. SOCCER FOLLOWER, is uncharacteristically chasing the rest, but let's see where he is at Christmas! The POSTIE PIDGE has got off to a great start, and shouldn't be propping up the league this season. I feel that I'm in a 'relegation' battle already!

It has been a fairly hectic start what with matches coming along on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. When things settle down a little, I will again start publishing the weekly results ie. 4/7 and also the grand total as each week progresses.

Please be reminded that you do need to keep predicting, and must make at least 80% of all matches to count at Christmas time. There are 196 league matches scheduled before Christmas, and let's add the various cup matches and we are them moving towards 240 or so games . So to count at Christmas, you need to have predicted at least 192 matches!

Sounds a lot but you will get there.

Mark C 1/1 100.00

Ian 4/7 57.14

The Old Man 8/14 57.14

Postie Pidge 9/16 56.25

Mike Odgers 9/16 56.25

Jamie C 7/13 53.85

John the Baptist 8/15 53.33

Common Tater 3/6 50.00

Stig 4/8 50.00

Jonsey 7/15 46.67

Soccer Follower 7/16 43.75

Paul 5/12 41.67

TMS NO9 2/5 40.00

ECPL 6/15 40.00

Porker 6/16 37.50

Rabinowitz The Red 2/7 28.57

Kernowman 4/16 25.00

allforone1889 1/7 14.29

St Darren 0/1 0.00

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