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Roche FC require sponsors for Grandstand

Guest Nippon

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Guest Nippon

See below info on sponsorship for a 10m Grandstand for Roche FC.

Roche FC are looking for 12 people or business’s to become THE ROCHE FC GRANDSTAND DOZEN.


Back ground on club

Roche FC is situated in the middle of the clay area in the centre of Cornwall.

In 2002 Roche FC decided to expand from its two adults teams and introduce a youth section, hence catering for a much larger participating from people from the local community. Roche FC now have football teams at Under, 9, 10, 11, 15, 16, 18, ladies team, East Cornwall men’s team, Duchy men’s team and veteran’s team. Other Football teams travel to Roche as far a field as Tavistock to Penzance to play against Roche FC teams. Roche FC are also well known for hosting local league cup finals, county trails and other sporting events such as football tournaments, Plymouth Argyle training days and the local school’s sport day.

In 2006 Roche FC was awarded Community Chartered Standard statues, only 10 football clubs in the county have received this high standard award by The Cornwall Football Association

Roche FC Development of stand etc

In 2005 the club produced a survey of the whole club. It was identified in the survey for new changing rooms (grant applicant now in place). Construction of mini soccer pitches ( grants sealed, work on construction is now in place) and an erection of a spectator Grandstand along side the main pitch, for which Roche FC have secured 50% of the cost of the stand by form of grant, Roche FC are now looking for sponsorship for the remaining 50% of the cost of the stand. The stand price includes the stand, delivery and erection on site and base. The stand is made by Arena Seating, a picture is available of a similar stand erected by Arena Seating with a difference of the one too be erected at Roche FC will have half closed side panels to keep out the weather. The stand is made from a steel construction with a life span of 20 years or more. The measurements of the stand are approx 10metres in length by 3metres depth and 3metres high, with standing capacity of 105 people. Architect drawings have been approved by Restormel Borough Council


The cost

Total cost of the stand with base and erection = £11,960.90

Secured by grant = 50%

12x Required for Sponsorship = £499

The sponsors will be acknowledged by Roche FC by erecting a display board on the inside of the stand naming all 12 businesses or people. Once the stand has been erected there will be a grand opening with Media coverage and hopefully a charity football match.

If you feel you maybe interested in becoming one of ROCHE FC’S GRANDSTAND DOZEN then please feel free to contact me. For questions or further details I can be contacted on Mobile - 07771 905615 Darren Grylls Commercial Manager Roche FC

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