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Came across this article earlier and thought I'd get some opinions from all you intellectuals as to whether you agree or disagree and which other players you think are missing?. The team was copied and pasted from the Daily Mirror so you do not have to go through a link and is not my own personal opinion.

1 PAUL ROBINSON (Spurs): Shocking first half of the season. Will probably move on. Can learn from David James's example.

2 PHILIPPE SENDEROS (Arsenal): Shouldn't be anywhere near Arsenal's first team.

3 DAVID ROZEHNAL (Newcastle): Came with a big reputation but couldn't ease the jitters at the back.

4 CLAUDIO CACAPA (Newcastle): The worst defensive display of the campaign against Portsmouth at St James's Park.

5 MACEO RIGTERS (Blackburn): As good as Ryan Babel they said. Made only one Premier League start.

6 JOEY BARTON (Newcastle): Needs a big season next year.

7 HARRY KEWELL (Liverpool): The worst Liverpool signing in 30 years.

8 ANDREI SHEVCHENKO (Chelsea) No pace, no skill, no clue. Is this the same bloke who played for Milan?

9 STEVE SIDWELL (Chelsea): Didn't have the ability or the belief to be there.

10 DAVID NUGENT (Portsmouth): A game lad but just not good enough for this level.

11 DAVID HEALY (Fulham): A great Championship striker but not consistent enough for the Premier League.

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i would have to include titius bramble, he gives the other teams a goal a game.

cant believe that no derby players were included!!!!!!!!!!!!

dont think paul robinson should be in the team i know hes had a poor season but not that bad.

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Guest jumpersforgoalposts

Kewell worst liverpool signing for 30 years...thats a joke! how about vorinin, smicer...that list could be endless!

Joey barton, good player...has troubles off the field but his ability cant be questioned. He'd get into most top prem teams.

Id simply say the worst 11 players is just 1-11 of the Derby Team.

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Guest Blue_Dude-(^_^)

Agent Ridgewell/ Birmingham City! Came to do a job and looks like he has succeeded :angry2: Sent from the Vile to send us down.

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