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Social and behavioural considerations for psychological interventions for Cornish football

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Calling those who play in Cornish football!

My names Sam Jones and I'm currently studying my masters degree in psychology with Arden University. As part of my research, I am studying the ways in which football is and could be used within Cornwall, to better people's mental health. The study looks to specifically investigate Cornish footballers social experiences when playing for a club, the current interventions designed by the Cornish FA, as well as investigating how footballers believe mental health intervention should look in a footballing environment. With this investigation in mind, I have designed a questionnaire which aims to investigate these points, and with the permission of the forums admin, I am sharing this questionnaire with yourselves on this platform in order to encourage a healthy sample to produce the highest quality results, to assess current interventions and provide recommendations for future ideas. Important to note, this study does not aim to critique the current interventions used by the Cornish FA, rather, the study aims to understand the needs of Cornish footballers, highlighting the current interventions which fit the needs of current Cornish footballers, whilst helping to encourage potentially new directions for intervention. Your participation is completely voluntary, but any participation will be greatly appreciated, and please feel free to share with others who compete in the Cornish footballing system!

Please ensure you read the information sheets provided, as well as reading the exclusion/inclusion criteria before completing the consent sheet to start the study.


Thank you for your consideration, and good luck to everyone for the rest of the season!

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