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The FA has charged Bristol City FC, their player Enoch Showunmi and agent Charles Collymore with misconduct for matters relating to Showunmi's move to the club in 2006.

The club has been charged with a breach of the FA Football Agents Regulations for allegedly dealing with an unlicensed agent in respect of the engagement and/or registration of Showunmi between May and July 2006.

It is also alleged that the club broke FA Rules by paying £30,000 to licensed agent Charles Collymore purportedly for services provided by him under a representation contract with the club knowing that the payment was partly or wholly for services provided by an unlicensed agent.

Enoch Showunmi has been charged with engaging the services of an individual, who was not a licensed agent or entitled to act in such a capacity, to represent him in contract negotiations with Luton Town in or around February 2004 and between November 2005 and January 2006. He is also charged with using the same person for contract negotiations with Bristol City in or around May to July 2006.

Charles Collymore has been charged with entering into a sham arrangement with an unlicensed agent in respect of the engagement and registration of Showunmi with Bristol City. It is alleged that he received the payment of £30,000 from the club for services rendered in part or in full by the unlicensed agent.

All parties have until 18 April to respond to the charges.

These charges will be dealt with alongside existing charges against Collymore. The FA charged Collymore in October 2006 with a breach of the FA Football Agents Regulations. It is alleged that Collymore touted Showunmi, then of Luton Town, to Millwall without the knowledge or consent of Luton and in breach of League rules. It is alleged that Collymore breached The FA's Football Agents Regulations and/or the FIFA Players' Agents Regulations. There is no suggestion of any wrongdoing by Millwall FC.

Collymore was also charged with breaching the agents regulations in that it is alleged that he represented Showunmi without a written representation contract, or that he allegedly did not lodge the representation contract with The FA. Collymore denied the previous charges and requested a personal hearing.

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