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Application Clsoing dates?

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Thanks for the health concerns folks ....had a rough time on the operating table .......

but home being pampered by her indoors again now for a few days !!!.....

...Won`t last long before she sends me out to the touchline again though :P:P:P

ALL existing clubs HAVE to put in writing to me by 15th MAY their intention to remain in the Sunday League next season RULE 14 a .

Those that fail run the risk of losing their place to any new clubs that Confirm in writing their Application to join by 1st June .

Letters will be sent to existing clubs at end of month reminding them .

Although I have had several firm enquiries for next season ......NO club has yet put it in writing !!! :(:(

Hope this helps .

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Hi David,

Glad to hear you are on the mend, its Matt from Storm and I am writing out my application as we speak, had a hectic time trying to get our house in order at the club but I think we are there now.

You should here from me in a couple of days..


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