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:angry2: Roche lost 2-1,yet again we were far the better side,but our finishing let us down,should have been 2 up at the break but we just couldnt get the ball in the back of the net,on paper weve a decent side,full of ex east cornwall players and a few good youngsters,but we dont seem to gel,two more games to go,Calstock next week,then in May we play week st.mary,then a nice rest,then see what the future holds,

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Unlucky mate! We're routing for you until the end of the season!

You know what I'm gonna say, Shane. I'll get Ty to buy you a pint for both games if you win them, mate. lol

I'll also talk to Hickers re: a Roche v B S pre-season friendly for later in the year if you think it's a good idea??

Hopefully I can call you next Saturday??

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