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Does anyone want a friendly match against Falmouth Villa sunday team? date can be arranged, prefered to play away but may be able to play at constantines pitch. Villa didnt get in the league this year for one reason or another so a few of the boys are getting a bit flabby round the edges!

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Mike C you cried out of the last game! Paul wants to arange another game, dont mind who we play, by flabby i was referring to paul and co! cheeky sod! good luck this sunday in the final, even if you win you cant lift the cup, you coudnt lift your arse out of bed!

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See Tony, your getting teasy already! Ha Ha Ha.

Think you will find it was the weather that prevented the game.

Personally I would have loved to kick you up in the air even if we played in a snow storm.

Thanks for the best wishes for Sunday though, and my arse is defo in gear.

If we win I can lift the cup, I've been doing press ups and everything! Ha Ha Ha.

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