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Muddled Saltash History

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For plenty of reasons, Cornish football history, facts and figures can be patchy unless you know where to look. Saltash United seem to have a pretty scattered past.

From newspaper records, we see a side competing under the name of Saltash United in the Senior Cup c. 1926. The Cornish Guardian reported on Friday 29 January 1926 Saltash United beating Liskeard 9-1. However on Boxing Day 1927, Saltash United were defeated 6-1 by Saltash Stars – who themselves won 3 successive Senior Cup titles from the 1929-30 season.

The Cornish Guardian also reported the Stars changed their name to Saltash Town for the 1928-29 season but were later wound up in 1932 through financial difficulties. Those Senior Cup titles are of course credited to today’s Club.

The Saltash United club were dissolved following the 1926-27 season and reported to the FA for alleged illegal payments to its players.

I'm bored, roll on Saturday.

Reported to the FA.png

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