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Guest Blue_Dude-(^_^)

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Guest Blue_Dude-(^_^)


Do you every do freebees if it's for a specific good cause?


Freebees for what? If you want me to give your lass one then depending on what she's like, I may consider giving her one free of charge!!

My income nowadays comes from after dinner speaking and media work. I do do a lot of work for charities, especially TFM Radio's own Make a Child Smile but you have to draw the line between what you do for charitable reasons or good causes and earning a living.

With regard to the speaking events, you will find venues charge you for the room whilst the bar staff charge you for the alcohol. You also pay for the food. Therefore the entertainment also comes at a cost.

If you have a specific event you want to run past me then get in touch with me and give me a contact telephone number and we can discuss things further.


Jeff she'd kill an owld man like you


Nice way to go though!!


Jedburgh street chippy - I heard you were a regular in there years ago. What's your favourite chip shop nowadays?


The only reason I was a regular was that for the first twenty-two years of my life, I lived at 15 Jedburgh Street (opposite the Gazette office). The chippy was at number 25.

Walkers was the best chippy in town. People came from miles around.

On a Monday night, after rolling out of Dormans club, I used to catch last orders and get a bag of chips, no salt, plenty of vinegar and crawl through me mam's front door. I spread lashings of Lurpak on two bread buns before ramming said chips inside the eager, open baps. The sensation as the hot chips and bread entered my mouth was to die for and as the Lurpak melted with the heat of the chips, it ran down my chin, my goatee beard catching some of the greasy dairy produce.

As the years went by and I moved away, I never found a sensation like this again.

They just don't make chippies like that any more. Nowadays the chips are thin and greasy. Could you please help me to rediscover my youth and advise me where I should go. Mind you, it needs to be only five doors away so the chips have not gone cold by the time I get home. Luke warm chips are greasy and would not retain the heat to melt the Lurpak butter. Happy days.

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