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Good evening.

I have come to the forum to see if anyone is interested in taking on Gunnislake reserves managers job. 
They are currently in duchy 1 and the current manager will be looking to step aside at the end of the season. He will resume on the playing side but he doesn’t want the full commitment of running the side as he has a young family. He is also open to the idea of stayin on to help someone. 

The side is good, with 12/13 regular players. 95% of them are local. 
All the team will need is 2/3 players. 

Glenn the current manager is happy for someone to come in right away or shadow/help to the end of the season. This maybe the ideal opportunity to get to know some of the lads.  
We currently have a first team playing in the st pirans league. So the second team is a natural feeder team for the firsts. 
The player rule is monitored and the firsts have used many of the reserve players. 
This maybe a great opportunity for someone who currently has a youth team and would like to introduce a few youngsters to the mens game  

If this is something you maybe interested in. Please pop me a message on 07876802085. I’m free most evenings. But please message me before calling. 


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