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Having followed their progress from a distance (mainly because they were always a banker for the betting coupon!!!) it appears Gretna FC could be going under!

Despite not having any debts during their rise through the Scottish leagues, the losses they were accumulating was being funded by Brooks Mileson, their benefactor. Since he has pulled his funding out of the club due to personal illness, Gretna find themselves not being self-sustainable and are unable to pay players, creditors etc. They currently don't have 11 players for Saturday's match with Aberdeen and if they don't fulfil the fixture they are in breach of league rules and face expulsion.

I hope they manage to somehow get out of their predicament, but I feel it might be a little warning for all those clubs that maybe in a false position with a large benefactor that continues to fund a potentially unstainable position, mentioning no names!!!! :P

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Guest Luffy

The problem that Gretna find themselves in is due to their rapid rise thru the leagues. They needed to sustain at least two or three years in the lower leagues to ensure that if the benefactor did pull out they would be able to carry on the day to day duties. In regards to other clubs who are backed by individuals money, these clubs are established clubs in the top flight or second tier and are able to generate their own income or raise capital themselves due to their business plans.

I feel sorry for Gretna because no one likes to see clubs in trouble or go out of business lets hope for their fans and football as a whole that they survive and can start building a solid base to operate from on their own.


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