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Guest Urban Spaceman

chairman i know ur st blazey and i know u helped them out a few years ago by cutting the grass but r u lot gonna do any more to help this sleeping giant awaken

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In reply to your question Mr Chairman,

The committee are working very hard to keep football going in the town, the club will not be reopening in the near future as the building is to badly damaged which is out of our control(by this i mean the local idiots who smash it up every weekend).

We are speaking to the local council on a daily basis trying to get them to give us a long lease which in turn would allow us to try and get some money from the FA for ground improvements, i.e fencing the whole pitch in.

After last weeks arson attack the council have done the repairs required so the stand can now be used again although it has been condemned by the council.

One of the main problems is getting sponsors for the club as no doubt you are aware although it is made easier if the team is doing well as you well know.

Lets just hope we stay in the league we are in and push to go up next season.

Our 2nd team are doing well top of Duchy 5.

Fingers crossed that there is a light at the end of this long old dark tunnel.

:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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Guest Peppermint

St A 2nds - we at Newquay Football Club echo Mr Chairman's sentiments and sincerely hope your once great club can rise from this and St Austell Football Club will once again be a force to be reckoned with.

The Restormel rivalry between the Peppermints and St Austell always made games special - good luck with all your endeavours.

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A suggestion concerning funding - I have heard that a group of ex-St Ives Ladies team who come from the St Austell direction are considering starting a new ladies team next season up St Austell way somewhere. This could be a way to attract future funding in several ways - lottery funding to set up and provide for a new team, sponsors - again for a new team, another set of players and team members to bring in more funding in membership and subs, possibility of gaining Charter Standard (if you didn't already have it - sorry I don't know) and various grant opportunities that might also bring.

I expect I will get shot down for suggesting this one but I promise that from experience at St Agnes the existence of a Ladies team can create opportunities and, with the right support, help to work towards a developing instead of a struggling club.

A new team would enter the Jaipur Cornwall Women's League as it stands in Division 3 which would bring possibly 5/6 home league games and a couple of home cup games all on a Sunday - not a huge impact on any pitch.

Just an idea - it worked at St Agnes - David James the secretary of the Ladies League aka Zebedee on this forum would be able to give you details of the girls I believe hail from that way.

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