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senior cup Saltash v Lanreath

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:SM_carton: Well this game was played on the third attempt, wow what a game.

20mins in and Lanreath have Andy Collins sent off for yes you've guessed it gobbing off and secondly kicking the ball away at a free kick, what a plonker. No worries though 0-0 at half time.

The second half and Saltash take the lead after a goal mouth scramble, so here we are 1-0 down with only 10 men agains't the second best team in Cornwall and what happens next, Lanreath draw level with a penalty and with 10 mins of normal time Bradley Powell is fouled for Lanreath's second penalty which as the first is dispatched by Lee Maddocks, we all pinch ourselves 1-2 Lanreath. After lots of pressure Saltash level the tie and then the ref makes a bad call on a throw in and then let's it be taken 20m further up the touch line and Saltash have a 95th minute winner.

I think us at Lanreath feel a little robbed as a fan we expected to be stuffed today but with massive preformances from Maggot, Madds and many others we came very close 2-1 with 10mins to go on to lose 3-2 was gutting.

P.S everyone at Saltash were great apart from a so called lady who called me a Retard I said excuse me she said sorry I mean't a different Lanreath supporter, what's that all about.

We are a small village club who command much more respect than that, cornish football and their supporters deserve more.

Lanreath were the the winnners today as they conducted themselves, my final words go to a great supporter of Cornish football in a word Richard Pridham, this guy is a Callington and Argyle supporter who took time out to watch Lanreath F.C. thanks Rich and carry on kissing babies.

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The first yellow card was for a foul and deserved. The second was for kicking the ball away when he slipped. Even the Saltash players didn't want any action. But the ref still had his day. And why didn't he send off the centre half when he brought down Powell in the box for the second penalty. Being last man theses days obviously don't warrent a straight red card anymore I wonder when the rules changed.

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Lanreath certainly made a game of things. I think the both sides would have issues with the officials. Firstly the dubious penalty decision given by the linesman when the ref was closer to the incident, and of course the throw in incident. The sending off was totally justified and a player of that age should know better!!!! Saltash made many changes to the side that convincingly beat Parkway midweek and it showed.

It seems that Lanreath can't seem to stay away from Saltash as they have there Reserve side in the next round of the ECPL cup (presuming they dispose of Launceston)

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