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Firstly a big thank you to all the persons involved in bringing this incident under control.

TODAYS GAME AGANIST HAYLE GOES AHEAD. thumbsup.gif thumbsup.gif

There is a bit of damage to the stand meaning that the stand has had to be cordoned off due to the fire damage, also the firemen had to force entry to the away changing rooms by breaking the door down.

This fire is being treated as arson and the police are looking into it.

Luffy for your records my contact number is 01726 69834 / 07977 298848 Lee Allen 2nd team secretary.

Please pass on my thanks to all concerned regarding this fire.

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bloody hell sorry 2 hear about m8, :angry2:

what is wrong with people these days, last year vandells ruined our pitch (grampound) by doing wheels spins in the middle and we couldn't play on it 4 months

and now more mindless fools r causing more trobule and trying 2 distrub just a game of footy, lets just hope the police actually catch who ever did it

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