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Went to Conifa World Cup Final 2018 at Enfield yesterday to see Kapatalaya ( region of Hungary) beat Northern Cyprus 3-2 in the penalty shoot out. Occasion was probably better than the cagey game with over 2500 there (including very noisy and colourful groups of fans from both finalists), with kick off delayed by 30 minutes because of the crowd numbers trying to get in. Made me think though, could Cornwall consider joining this? They do fit many of the criteria, and Yorkshire are already members along with the Isle Of Man. The past week has been a great celebration of the joy of football, and a brilliant counter to the corporate sleaze of the upcoming FIFA World Cup, that has been played across 7 Non league venues in the London area between 16 teams. My mind did wander slightly during games, and imagined how great something like this could be if it was held in Cornwall with a host team of county born players taking part. I do really recommend people checking out the Conifa highlights on the website to see what a wonderful week it was.

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