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Trelawny reports is back

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As some of you maybe noticed, Trelawny reports are back in the Sunday Indy.  I have relied on a faithful few texting in, so a big shout out to those who have helped me with match reports etc. Most notably Redruth, Justin from Exiles, Ant at St Buryan and Leon of Mawnan - but also to the others who've chipped in here and there.

It is sometimes a struggle to get enough words out of those few and I would like to give every player and club their moment in the Sunday Indy - it's what we strive for I know!?

If you are able to text/email in a report/summary of your game - or at least score and scorers as the forum and full time web site aren't often updated by the time the report must go in - then please email me on jmcdonald88@hotmail.co.uk or inbox me on here, or text me.

That being said, this weekend is Flora Day and my head, body and soul may be elsewhere come Saturday night when the report must be submitted.  Is there anyone out there who would be willing to write it? I can get any reports I receive to you but I mainly rely on the full time site.  The easiest thing would be to email the report to me and I can forward it to John at the Indy.  Of course, I will arrange payment to you of 15 whole pounds. 



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