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Mawnan 2-1 West Cornwall

Greg Hobbs x2/o.g for Mawnan

Owain Barrett with a 40yrd run, beat 3 of our lot and drilled the ball into the top corner...great goal.

The village are delighted with the Trophy. ???

West dominated 1st 35 mins. Went 1-0 up after 10(ish) mins. They put us under pressure for the majority of the 1st half, but no real chances created. We finally found our way to get at West, and about 40mins in a long ball from our RB down the line led to Greg Hobbs finishing well.



Again, West were on top early on, but luckily for us, only for 5mins.

We pretty muched restricted West to long balls, still looking dangerous but again no real clear cut chances.

Ian Chatfield in goal for West certainly kept them in the game (5/6 great saves) during a 5min spell where we dominated.

We eventually scored the winner from a corner. Swung in dagerously towards the front post. Ended up coming off of a head (Hobbsy is more than willing to claim it) and ended in the net.

10 mins of pressure by West coming to nothing.


George P as ref...great game as usual.


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