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Hayle res v Truro res

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Hayle res 0-3 Truro res

Even when i know we dont stand much chance of winning a game i still hate losing.

But i have to say our lads put up a good fight against a good Truro side ( not there first team) even though there manager said they were depleted a bit, we had two lads on the bench who had just turned 16 both had to come on and both done ok good sign for future at Hayle, to be fair there was only going to be one winner today we didnt trouble Truro's goalkeeper much but in the past we have been steam rollered by the better teams and conceeded big scores today we stayed discaplined worked hard right through the team and made Truro work for there goals, so well done lads a good effort. :clapper::clapper: :clapper:

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