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Walking Football Over 50s

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How do fancy getting into playing football?

I know you feel your knees are gone and your back aches opening the fridge door……

I know it takes twice as long as it used to to get out of bed…..

I know the only time you worry about ball control is when your checking yourself out….

You ve seen the OLD GUYS talking about it on MATCH OF THE DAY.. Is talking about it enough?

how many times have you wanted to make a lifestyle change but there was nothing there to appeal to you….

WALKING FOOTBALL could be the start of something new for you.

Its a bit like 5 a side football but if you run – heaven forbid – its a free kick to your opponents.

Its a great way to start to move around again, to have a kick about , to make friends, to have fun while playing.

It can help lose weight, give you more energy, build your strength, balance and core stability ( the things that stop us from falling over)

It can make us feel good, helps make friends and overcome loneliness and isolation…

It does not matter how old, what size, what background you are .. if you love football its for you

If you are interested in taking part please get in touch

Andy 07788299154

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