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yes it was fal town 3rds topcat[kevin toy]who have have put in n.o.a for kirk the transfer is far from completed thus far. there are some minor contract issues to resolve. it was the third team who have looked to bring another quality edition to my squad as we again were left short yesday for the 7th game in a row by combo calls. after 15 of my squad were used by them last season we hoped a change of management with gary and tozey would attract a good squad leaving me to build a team capable of challenging for honours in div1 unfortunately im having to give 2or3 each game but i accept it tho its hard knowing i could go out this week and sign half a dozen that would walk into r 2nd team its about having yer finger on the pulse to whats happening on a day to day basis locally unfortunatly kev you know as well as i do the majority of players play for the managers iknow its not right but its true.the joys of being a junior manager!!!

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