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A question for original Truro City fans (or players from 1974/75)


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I was led to believe that when Treyew Road (the road) was developed, Truro dropped out of the SWL and played Combo football at Boscawen Park. It turns out this wasn't the case.

In 1974/75, Truro City played their final season before their exile at Kenwyn Hill after Truro Cathedral School helped them out and the club were hopeful junior club would assist them in hosting second team games (presumably Boscawen).

How developed were the facilities at Kenwyn and what went wrong that forced them to withdraw from the SWL for three seasons? I know the road took longer than anticipated but I'd be interested to hear from people who were around at the time.

Also if anyone has any pictures of the temporary ground I'd love to see them.

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