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Speaking sence or being hipocritical

Guest Cornishdave1980

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Guest Cornishdave1980


Please read the above article from Arsene Wenger(i know its in the sun), he makes some valid points and i have nothing but respect for a man who revolutionised the Premiership.

However for all the sence he speaks about buying clubs and the death of english football, hasnt he been the catalist of the falldown of English football by nearly always fielding a foreign based team?

I strikes back to the proposal from Platini that all teams should field at least 6 home grown players, how many teams in our Premership could do that and challenge?

Maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel for Coopsie and his beloved Spurs


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if i remember rightly could be wrong though, the thing with the platini suggestion was that although he stated 6 homegrown players that did'nt have to mean in this case english, pretty sure a lot of the arsenal kids so to speak have come through their academy so would be classed as homegrown.

Personally i think there are very few english players that are suited to the way arsene/arsenal play their football will be more interesting to see if in 5-10 years there are any english kids breaking through into the arsenal side with the required footballing ability

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