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Saltash v Torpoint

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I have no complaints as we got exactly what we deserved, although I felt 6-0 was a little unfair on us.

Yes, we were missing players. But even with the very young side we had out on the pitch and with the players we brought in, I would have expected us to have performed much better than we did on the day and build on a very good performance at Tavistock in midweek where we should have come away with 3 points.

Torpoint destroyed us in the opening 20 minutes and it wasn't until we were 2-0 down that I got a reaction. I felt either side of HT we slightly shaded it and if we had scored, would have gone on to get right back in it... but a mistake, and 3-0, killed us and we completely lost our shape and discipline which disappointed me massively.

The referee handled the game well enough, although like most managers, I felt some of the decisions and important moments didn't go our way. The sending off was harsh from where I was stood, but understand the tackle may have looked worse from another angle.

It's not a defence, but with a back four aged 18, 18, 20 and 18... Two other 18 year olds in the starting line up, and four on the bench, we are only going to learn and improve... if not be a little inconsistent and niaive on occasions.

Well done Torpoint. Took full advantage of a bad day at the Ashes office... but we'll come again and be a better side for it.

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