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St Agnes AFC Club History

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St Agnes AFC are very grateful to Clive Benney for his abbreviated potted history of St Agnes AFC which is now available for you all to view on our club website www.stagnes-saints.co.uk

This is a very short sample of the almost completed book on the club history which Clive has compiled.

It has taken many years to complete and still has a few events to bring up to the clubs present day to fill in but is a very interesting read put together by someone who has researched it in great depth!

Clearly a name that appears several times in the more recent history is that of Clive's son our retired legendary top striker Tom Benney!

We hopefully look forward to being able to finally get the book finished later this season!

It will be produced in a limited edition form so any one interested please get in touch - in the mean time check out the abbreviated version.

Mandy 07974 370666

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