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Fare well from Big Ern

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After playing for 17 years in the Duchy League I have decided to hang up my gloves this year and stand down as Lamerton Manager.

I have played in goal for Lamerton and previously named as Chillaton for 16 years in the Duchy league and Mary Tavy before that and I would just like to say it has been an absolute pleasure to have played my football in the Duchy League every week.

I have probably played about every team in the Duchy League at some point and came up against some quality players and had the pleasure to play alongside some quality players and met some genuinely great people and made some great friends.

It has been the hardest decision I have had to make but I believe it is the right time due to many different factors.

I would just like to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone.... everyone that has supported me in football, all the players i've played against and all the players I have played alongside that have created the great times and the great memories.

I'd like to thank all the referees for all the games they have done and abuse they have received.

I'd also like the to thank everyone in Lamerton Football Club but also all of the people at every Club that make the game possible on Saturdy's weather they pour the tea in the tea room to sweeping the changing rooms after a game... its these people that make it all possible.

I hope that everyone carries on enjoying the game and I send my best wishes to you all.

Many thanks for the memories

And its good night from Ern

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