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Edgcumbe wud have to have a major collapse not to win it now, unfortunately our form (fowey) over the last few games has not been good enough, and our title bid has now seemed to have gone with the wind, Edgcumbe are a decent, well ran side, with a squad big enough to cope with the demands of the season, and a god bunch of lads with it, win or lose. Good luck to them and hope to see you in the Ecpl next season.

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This most certainly is not a wind up anychance. The boy is different gravy and has been the difference for Edgcumbe this season. Look at the goals he's scored this season. I think it's over double what anyone else in the side has scored. He creates his fair share as well. I know of 2 peninsula teams that are interested in him. Do you not rate him then?

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