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sunday league 1 result

Guest geachy1

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Oxford FC 7 Camborne Park 1 (h/t 2-1)

A slow start for the oxford saw us give away far too much possession with sloppy passes and with the half time score 2-1 the game could have gone either way but saw us raise our game in the second half to record a comfortable victory in our first game in div 1

Oxford Goals

Callum Salmon 3

Rich Ward 2

Rob Hosking 1

Own Goal 1

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Yeah a sloppy start but a great 2nd half performance from oxford. Midfield are looking very strong and if it wasnt for the camborne park keeper it could have been much more then 7-1.

I was happy to bag a hat-trick but got to give credit to the rest of the team, especially Steve and Shane who done all the hard work in the middle while i grab the glory!!!

Im suffering for it now though-aching all over!!!

Come on oxford!!! :thumbsup::thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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Regent 5 Crowntown 2

Bit of a surprise result but Regent took their chances. Crowntown didn't. Many missed which should have been converted, including a missed penalty.

Ace Crowntown striker Alan Thomas was injured yesterday and couldn't play. His finishing was sorely missed.

Regent keeper not only leapt about like a loony before two spot kicks but also earned a booking for yelling at the kicker as he struck the ball! Silly boy.

Regent skipper also cautioned for silly tackles and very lucky to stay on after then kicking the ball away as a kick was about to be taken. Very, very silly.

But, well done Regent. Good start. I do feel that you'll get some tougher games as the season progresses.

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