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Please could you spend 1 minute in the next 14 days completing the following survey link?

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In connection with the proposed St Agnes Sports Club New Changing Room Project we need you all please in the next 14 days to go to the following survey link for me and complete it - it takes literally 1 minute and we need to get at least 80 participants as part of our Sports Club New Changing Room Project.
Please share and help us make it happen.

Feel free to enter into the Comments Box how things would be improved by new purpose built changing rooms/disabled toilets and a better kitchen! THANK YOU! x

The link to the survey is: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/DB3YLN5

Please circulate and promote the completion of this survey to anyone you know!

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Thanks to all of you who completed our survey so far! We have topped 180 participants so far so we are well over the 80 we needed!

Anymore of you who haven't yet done it please do so in the next 7 days if you can - its free and only takes 1 minute to complete!

Thank you all! Mandy

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