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Today in the fixture between st columb res v Southgate, an own goal by a Southgate player was given offside.

The Southgate central defender wasnt challenged and headed the ball into his own goal from a cross on the leftwing.

A st columb striker coming back from a offside position to onside made no attempt to go for the cross was given offside.

Never seen this situation before and wondering if the correct decision was given.

Im interested too see if an own goal can be given offside.

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Its whether the official deemed the striker to be interfering with play. If the striker was in challenging distance of the defender when he came back onside.

Did the Southgate defender only head the ball into his own net because of the presence of the offside striker? Some officials might see that as interference and give offside.

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From your description Cloughie the goal should have been given. See Jonny Evans own goal for Man United v Newcastle Boxing Day 2012. However, I can't see how anyone in the 18 yard box is not having an influence on play either onside or off. If you are trying to defend and a forward steps offside as a cross comes in, as a defender aware of the player, you have to play the ball. If that ball goes in because you played the ball knowing an attacker is behind you it should be disallowed. Besides if I had an attacking player in the box not trying to influence play he'd be on the bench next week!

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