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our fal/hel div 1 team needs a good goalie 4 this season as the one lined up 2 play is out with a broken collar bone after the pendeen FRIENDLY.......any one who is up 4 the challenge 2 help get our team into the combo this season, contact James on 07790188971 , email priisek@aol.com or PM me soon as season not that far away & we need 2 have a goalie old pro or young, up & coming star.........

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He does have a tendancy to be a little "over enthusiastic". Then again if you call him a footballer, he'll be the 1st to tell you that he can't play football BUT that's something everyone knows. However, he's a super guy to have in the middle of the park and will never stop working,shouting or give less than 100%. Even when his team is 10 goals down, you'll still hear him shouting and encouraging and trying to keep his team's head up. Another thing I like about him is he never complains if somebody gets him with a challenge the same as the ones he continually makes. I'm not making excuses for him G&W, he does go over the top at times BUT he's priceless when he's on your side.

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