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Dickie Maddison.... Gottcha!!

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This isn't really football related but it is to do with a player in this league so I thought id share.....

I have (hand on heart) just drove past a beauty salon in the city of Plymouth (Another clue), and to my complete astonishment have seen (Through a window) Di@k Maddison and Paddy West having their eyebrows plucked ("Big GC" was probably out the back getting a spray tan)!!! :o

I cant be to critical of West because by all accounts his performances on the pitch have been second to none this year, but Maddisons on the other hand havn't!!!

My point being..... surely anyone who has time to have their brows plucked must have time to work on the weaker aspects of there game such as....CROSSING AND SHOOTING!!!! (We've had this chat Richie)

Call me old fashoned but I honestly cannot grasp the concept that the young players would rather look good then actually be good!!! Maybe Im old in the tooth but it baffles me.

Anyway gotta dash.

Dr Kenneth (Fugitive) :ph34r:

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