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Players for Down Under

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Players for Down Under

I am UK born and bred.

I run a football team in New Zealand where I now live.

There have been some players come here in response to similar messages posted a few years ago. Two guys are here now.

If you fancy travelling to NZ and play football here (and Aussie perhaps) for some months or more, be amongst football mad people I can help with travel, visa, work and accommodation advice.

I am not an agent nor do I make money for this. I simply manage a team and am looking for players to help us along the 'road'.

I can guarantee a good experience and very nice places to see, good sunny climate, lovely beaches etc.

Here is a comment by a player from Sussex, Richard Ghent, who came here in February this year. "Its been pretty good fun out here thus far, nice going to games with out knowing what the oppositions like and how to even pronounce their name. You cant beat the location either, Mount Maunganui is a stunning place to live! "

Visit my website to discover all you need to know about playing football in New Zealand - http://football-fury.webs.com/

Travel, football, fun and even stardom

My email is mtonian@orcon.net.nz

Posted with permission from Dave Deacon.

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