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Torpoint to take Duchy Prem Title tonight?

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Westy, that was for you mate and everyone that has contributed to an unbelievable season! Come on the Duchy, well deserved all round!! Xxxxxx

Cheers Big Man! Tried ringing last night but couldn't get through... That bottle of Jager has now gone as me and Paul Whitworth's lad finished it off! Went to bed at three in the morning and was up again at half five! Feel rough as f**k!!! Happy days :thumbsup:

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Tell me about it mate, I rolled in at 4am and was absolutely steaming! Glad you got the chance to celebrate it on board mate!

Does that mean you've been given the green light to come home for Danny and will be able to make Cardiff?

Yep, good news isn't it! Can't believe they are letting me come back to be honest! It's gonna be for a month or so too... Just have to get a pass from Lara now for Cardiff! Is it going to be an over-nighter or the whole weekend?

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