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Mining League result 09/05/11

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Halsetown 3 - 4 CSOM

CSOM 6th game in 13 days was a dogged performance against a spirited Halsetown. Halsetown took the lead from a lovely cross, evading the CSM striker who was in goal, and landing on the toe of the Halsetown player. CSOM rallied and after a surging run from midfield dynamo Stephen Divers, the ball fell kindly for CSOM who smashed the ball home.

1 - 1 at half time.

The second half was scrappy, with tired minds and legs setting in the CSOM boys who only had 11. The next goal was crucial, and CSOM had a placed shot find the net, before a screamer into the top corner. Halsetown pulled one back from a break. CSOM worked it well late on to grab a 4th from a headed lob, but a superb strike left nerves of late come backs again for CSOM.

Good game on a very difficult surface... you're probably glad to be moving away from there! Only 3 more games to go in the next week... lovely job!

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