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Morewenstow v St Day

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Morewenstow 2 V St. Day 3

What a really cracking cup tie between two very good sides on a very soft pitch.

Played by two well behaved teams that were a credit to their leagues well both teams .

P.S as promised I will mention St Day sub at half time a Mr Beasley I believe whos first touch was somethink special. :thumbsup:

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Guest Chris B

My First game in 9 weeks...whats the saying? Can't lose what you never had?!? Or something like that :wacko:

It could of been 8-9 with all the end to end chances, St Day taking the lead after about 70 seconds. Great performance from both keepers and Dom Pullen missing ANOTHER pen, i think it hit the corner flag?

Highlight of the day was Streety's half time entertainment. SHE FELL OVER

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