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Mount Charles v Tywardreath Replay?

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Yes its true. Mount Charles used a player who had already represented Foxhole Duchy Prem side in the Junior Cup. Apparently the ccfa had the players initial wrong on some paperwork during a transfer so took half the responsibility themselves, hence the replay rather than expulsion.

Second bite of the cherry and I hope we (Tywardreath RBL) dont let ourselves down again!

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In another thread, a team (Goonhavern)were deucted points for SPELLING the name of a player incorrectly, they were never afforded the luxury of a replay. Surely for an error so similar the 'punishments', if you would, ought to be the same, Mt. Charles made the mistake then the match should be awarded to Tywardreath?

Simple mistakes are avoidable, but always seem to recieve different punishments. Is this because of different leagues having different commitees that deal with such issues or is it just the normal double standards on display? :SM_carton::SM_carton: :SM_carton:

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Henry handed the ball so France in the world cup final mistakes / cheating been going on a long time until the authoritys say enough is enough and punish misdemenors the same for everyone then it will continue to go on.

Leeds v Stuttgart 2001 European Cup . The germans played an ineligible player because of the 4 foreign player rule they were awarded a replay which thankfully leeds won, although played at the Nou camp and not at Leeds, so it will always decided on how big you are.

Break the Law in Duchy League you will be punished, across the board same for everyone no exceptions.

I remember St Dennis played a player whom played football for no one else but didn't sign the County forms that year and we were thrown out after beating St Ives, the winners were against St Blazey so we missed out on a good little earner.

Mis spelling a name is not an offence, ask Gordon Brown.

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