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Feedback on Respect please.

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we need to educate the young players .while they watch the overpaid professionals behaving badly they will follow suit. the refs in professional football should have more athuority and not have to bow to the peer pressure that the big games put on them because of said money.

how can it be called respect when we constantly see refs being chased by players at the top levels of our game??????

i also feel that the media has a big role to play in this initiative. why do they always go for negative headlines can they not look for good things.i know you will say that the bad things make their money but surely you cannot keep biting the hand that feeds you.

what if you struggle to get refs at the top level of the game because no one wants to take the abuse both for them and their family. i know they get paid but we are starting to see the shortage at grass root level so what's to say it will not happen at the top.the more that our so called top refs give up the poorer the standard will be because of the shortage at grass root level. :(

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The respect campaign has to work two ways, the referee has to respect the clubs and players and vice versa. :SM_carton:

All club officials that are involved with youth football should be CRB checked and all coaches should adhere to the respect campaign and attend a childrens saftey workshop, there also should be a respect campaign workshop thats runs along side. then coaches will be able to brief the teams on there behaviour and if unsatisfactory on and off the pitch within the clubs facilities they will no longer play for that said club. :SM_carton:

its too easy to blame television and the Pro`s but in actual fact if we ourselves are more disciplined in making sure our youth set-ups are respectable it would indeed be a whole lot easier. :c:

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monty as a fellow ref. i never have a go at another ref.just coming from another angle if the pro's do it on the telly the kids will do it as well "monkey see monkey do"

we had a pre season friendly and a very inexperienced young ref who lost control.after the game i approached him with some words of advice and an arm around his shoulders,i did not take sides as i should have done just asked the young lad how he felt he performed and what he could do to improve. :c: hope he is still reffing :D and this was in front of his parents as he was only a teenager .

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As you said before we need to educate our younger players and the only way that i feel this can be done is by the coaches and club officials drumming this into the players and families either through code of conduct policies or into there pre match/training briefings.

referees will always make mistakes not that many would like to admit but we must have the foundations in place set in concerete if the respect campaign is going to work otherwise bin it. :c:

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