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LAST CHANCE for portreath AFC

Guest Bundiwilliams

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Guest Bundiwilliams

Portreath AFC in Jollys Combinatio League are looking for ANYONE who can kick a ball 20 yards!!!!!

we are training at cornwall college astro pitch tonight @ 8.00-9.30pm

if you fancy 90 minutes a week then turn up, sign the forms and play on saturday, simples!!!!!!

This is the last chance we have as a club to survive so please help us out even if its for afew weeks we need anyone!!!!!!!

this post really is asking for anyone to come forward and help us out......

if you are playing in fal/hels league and cant make your team come along and play for us, we will hand anyone a chance. if your in a combo team and fancy a challenge then the door is open, dont sit and warm a bench while i have a kit free for you to play....... no player likes to sit and watch a game, so dont come and play at portreath!!!!!!!!!!!

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