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roy says it like it is


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And there we have it folks, the reason people dislike those like Keane and Ferguson, Allardyce etc. They say it as THEY honestly see it. Couldnt agree more with what he has said!

Legend! Gotta love some of his facial experessions throughout the interview :thumbsup:

Dont fancy his chances of getting the national job though

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I agree with Roy, its time for the Rep to get over it, yes it was hand ball..if Robbie Keane did it in the same situation then that would be ok or not if you were French. I'm not a great lover of the French anyway but but they got away with it.......time to move on.....

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He was asked several questions about the subject and answered them as he saw fit, honestly! Good man I say. And if something like the world cup incident effected anyone of us like it clearly did Keane then Im sure that we would all find it hard to "get over it" and therefore he obviously holds a grudge

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