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Pasty Shop will win the bid for the cornish/devon fa!!!

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Yet again its time to laugh at the south west fa's.

Having made myself a lovely cup of tea and a full monty big daddy breakfast,i sat down to enjoy it and watch sky sports news as normal this morning.it was just like any other morning until i saw the report on the bids for the world cup in 2018 citys.The first city featured was bristol and its bid was well presented with a promotional video and a great design for a new stadium.The second city was plymouth,i stopped munching on my black pudding and started watching the tv with great anticipation.But to my shock it was the plymouth xmas lights being switched on by joe bloggs and then some ex player going on about devon and cornwall and then sky sports saying about plymouth having poor travel links and facilities with a warrens cornish pasty shop being pictured.I was in stitches and was so upset because my beans were cold by now.Was this just sky sports having a laugh or does it sum up the local fa's in the south west. :c: :yahoo:

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bloody joke him and paul,the other day on sky sports he had a cowboy hat on at training,i just thought that sumed him up,bloody cowboy!cowboy with a pasty,we will win the bid with that combination,that warrens pasty shop couldn't be in hayle,sky sports would never travel all the way down to cornwall to film a pasty shop,or does wayne quinn have shares in warrens

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