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Is the Premier League really the promised land?

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It was widely reported at the start of last season that Hull City had achieved promotion to the Premier League, and amazingly were in credit financially.I read over the weekend,and again today(in one of the daily papers),that they are now £27million in debt,and face financial meltdown if relegated,which is looking more and more certain with each week that passes.

Phil Brown did a fantastic job in getting them up,and was hailed as the new Messiah early last season,and he kept them in the league,again against all the odds.Yet he is now fighting to save his job.

So,were Hull and Brown better off in the Championship,i think so.

Every Play-off final is touted as the £30 odd million game,yet it costs clubs more to merely survive by the skin of their teeth.It would appear the league isn't exactly the pot of gold they are all chasing.

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