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im doing a little research into what clubs are around the local area. I live in Falmouth town, and need to find a club which me and my brother can join.

We have both started university in falmouth and have got though the trials for the CSM team.. but due to a lack of acknowledgment from the captain upon training last night , we have had second thoughts about this club and feel we can be playing in a higher league.

we want to get involved in a club with several teams which is around the area and have emailed clubs such as falmouth town and penreyn athletic.,

Can someone please provide any information in regards to training, or local clubs looking for players. Any contact numbers that i can have or emails you can provide would be a great help.

Thanks in advance


contact sam on- 07522536515


email- severtont@hotmail.com

If i am in the wrong section, then apologese.

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